Each member of The Rudnicki Firm team meets a standard of excellence that is not easy to find. The Rudnicki Firm attorneys have spent decades and careers in the region’s biggest law firms, in-house roles, and in judicial courts. They have represented Fortune 500-companies, start-ups, and high net-worth individuals. They’ve argued before the U.S. Supreme Court and in state courts in Oklahoma, Texas, and across the nation. They’ve defended cases worth millions of dollars, settled matters for hundreds of thousands below what co-defendants paid, and helped clients walk away from million-dollar lawsuits with attorneys’ fees and winning counterclaims.

The Rudnicki Firm team is tough, focused, and led by award-winning women who have proven themselves across industries.

Leah T. Rudnicki

Margaret J. Meier

Sharon T. Thomas

Meredith W. Wolfe

Hilary L. Palazzolo

Jennifer M. Warren

Amanda L. Gorman

Kristin D. Meloni

Administrative Professionals