We offer exemplary representation in civil litigation to businesses and individuals. Our team has earned a reputation for experience and successful outcomes among our clients in this area. We represent local clients in both Texas and Oklahoma, as well as regional and national businesses that are headquartered outside of this region.

Clients benefit from both our experience and our cost-effective approach to general litigation. We primarily focus on dispute resolution with the goal of avoiding lengthy and overly expensive litigation.

Our team's litigation experience is diverse. We generally focus on oil and gas litigation, but have experience in other areas as well. Other general litigation cases have included: auto dealership disputes, breach of MSAs, business tort litigation, class-action suits, enforcement of noncompetition agreements and nonsolicitation agreements, environmental litigation, fraudulent inducement and interference with business relationships, defense of corporate officers and directors, contract disputes, construction disputes, successor/predecessor liability disputes, and trust and probate disputes.


  • Representing a working interest owner with a disputed proof of claim against bankrupt operator
  • Preparing successful workout solutions, including divesting and merging of assets, as appropriate, for companies holding overriding royalty interest and/or working interest in operated wells and unproduced leasehold
  • Representing a working interest owner in a claim against operator for breach of a joint operating agreement, including improper accounting under the applicable COPAS exhibit
  • Representing oil and gas professionals against claims of misused trade secrets and non-compete violations resulting in a voluntary dismissal
  • Representing clients accused of contaminating city aquifer and successfully prevented a suit from being filed
  • Investigating field operations during drilling activities for environmental considerations
  • Defending operator rights in connection with developer encroachment into drilling units in violations of easements, right of ways and unit agreements
  • Filing and enforcing Oil and Gas liens for surface equipment providers


  • Representing a Fortune 500 company in arbitration to enforce an indemnity provision in a purchase and sale agreement for historical liabilities
  • Seeking declaratory judgment of a payout provision in a limited partnership agreement that led to a settlement prior to the discovery
  • Representing limited partnerships against claims brought by limited partners


  • Defending numerous asbestos cases ranging from hundreds to thousands of plaintiffs
  • Serving as national counsel for a Fortune 500 case managing a docket of hundreds of single- and multi-plaintiff negligence/premises liability cases throughout the United States alleging asbestos and silica exposure for Fortune 500 companies
  • Defending several benzene cases to successful resolution


  • Representing a Fortune 500 tire company as part of its national discovery team preparing key company witnesses for deposition, coordinating discovery for multiple jurisdictions, attending discovery hearings, and orchestrating the review, collection and organization of more than 1 million company documents
  • Representing a plastic resin supplier against claims of contaminated product sold to product manufacturer
  • Representing an oil and gas product manufacturer against claims of defectively manufactured products
  • Handling and advising the Eagle Ford business team as a part of a secondment to Marathon Oil Company